I’m in a video!

Bus Twenty Studios featured me & The Art of Medic Tairie! Check it out below!:D Instagram: @theartofmedictairie  Facebook: @medictairieart ONLINE STORE: http://www.medictairie.com Check out Bus Twenty! Instagram: @BusTwentyStudios    Facebook:@BusTwentyStudios https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GeIOTsYPuZQ&feature=youtu.be Advertisements

Inside meridian

I am a medium – straddling the threshold between this realm and then next – One foot in the sacred circle, the other, firm, in desolate black jet. Overlapping the mirrors boundary – conjuring forth worlds of fantasy and jest – The ethereal body inhabits vast obscurity, subspace of timeless death. A human dressed guard…… Continue reading Inside meridian


Wanie loves tarot.🌹 The feeling of failure can be a heavy sword to take to the back – especially if it’s regarding finances. There is celebration to be had when all is said and done and we can realize we’ve avoided over all destruction – we ARE ok after hardships – we may have lost…… Continue reading Dragons

Nine of hazards

Nothing breeds confidence quite like success. Most people would run from a fight, but not you. You stood your ground and gained from the experience. Great work😉 👻 Having greater confidence and believing in yourself just brings greater success, and it can only snowball from there – just stay smart and follow your game plan.…… Continue reading Nine of hazards