Experience is key in all walks of life.

 ” Being in a hurry to improve yourself, only slows down the process.”

I had to learn this hard lesson at least twice! I guess I had to be certain. Most people can’t skip from 1 to 10 despite wanting and feeling they are capable of doing so. Trying to rush it only prevents the growth you would have received during the journey – which life knows you need to succeed and hold up the bargain of success. To learn from steps 1 through 10 gives you the ability to maintain the responsibility.

I had moved all over the place trying to jump into professional design immediately after school. Toronto, Montreal… While I did well, and learned a LOT – I always ended up back home. I needed to plant my roots and grow something tangible to represent myself other than school work, set my “I had honors in school and graduated early with a decent portfolio” egotistical attitude aside and ask for the help at ground 0. I was always very driven and focused and willing to work the long hours on my own time to succeed (maybe a bit excessively, I am a scorpio:P ) but I needed that credibility for anyone else to even take the few minutes to see that.

Advice – Take your time now, build yourself and learn, especially in art! The people you admire have put in long lonnng hours to get there even if they had a born talent – Then you will have all the skills needed grow in the future, instead of being thrown backwards and feeling like you’re making no headway.  Then, when the doors are opening and you’re wanting to walk through, you have your ammunition. Industry contacts and networking are MASSIVE (pretty much the whole game) – MOST of those successful individuals have a colorful past of trial and error to get there. People who have excessive ‘industry help’ and get ‘placed’ from 1st place beginner to 10th professional immediately tend to be the people who seem to not be able to handle their responsibilities or truly care about all aspects that need caring about – They often miss or over look the small things that the guy to took the longest route, stubbing his toes on all the rocks along the path to success had learned. Not saying you can’t learn quickly and be amazing even if you were helped forward significantly,  just speaking about the majority!

Usually the person who took this time to grow into their profession, creativity and hone their craft is the individual chosen to walk through the door as it reflects in their personality, how they handle things and their work. People want to give chances and open doors for the people showing a willingness to learn and grow and expand – Not the person who thinks their king of their field because they had assistance with putting the crown on, with no room for improvement or critique.

That heavy – but freeing –  crown should be well justified by a colorful background of ups and downs and relating to people and their work, and the experience to portray that to others as success and strength.

~ Till next time!


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