The Sun

Reminder that all your hard work and any kind acts, small or large, are always rewarded. Karma is both negative and positive, though most use it in negative context as a description of some sort of other worldly ‘revenge’, which isn’t the case. They may not be rewarded with vast gifts, right away, or with large praise – but the experience will come back to you in some form. If your mindset was sincere in your efforts no matter what it was and you worked at making informed choices as best you could with your experience at the time, you’ll recognize it! 

From the small things like a flower given to someone who is down, a hug or listening at the right time to the large things where you pour your heart and devotion and time into your goals. With the right intent, do good – feel good, do bad – feel bad. Small things can come together and bring true happiness. 

Lots of people get stuck on one issue and dwell there, expecting that something in your life has given you ‘bad karma’ and you can’t escape, deep down you know this isn’t actually true, and sometimes all it takes is to experience that fully – be miserable about whatever it is and feel bad! Learning life lessons can be damn hard! Live it. Cry about it and talk it out. When it comes around again, maybe even for someone else (most forms of pain, are never in vain) you can be the help, be the sun in others lives 🙂 

You’re doing great and even if you think people don’t appreciate or care, they do, and know that most people just can’t express it like you can – but if asked, would tell.<3


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