Cutting the loss

If you can not change something for the better and it in no way makes you happy – this applies to all parts of life – leave it, even if it takes months – and put your energy into something you can effect . 

You bring more things of that positive nature you can change in all the best ways when you focus on what you CAN do instead of what you could have done or could be doing. Yeah, it will seem like everything might fall apart without you if you just stop perpetually re-applying the “glue”…but maybe it is SUPPOSED to so it can evolve for the better. Short term fixing for a pleasant now – is never the route you should take if you can help it. Plan it, fix it, and if it can’t be fixed by you it is not yours to correct. Bottom line. Everyone has some issues in the past…but that isn’t NOW, is it? It hurt right? Good. You needed to be to that breaking point to change the situation. 

If you are finding life hard, negative after negative after negative…just know it always has a turning point. Deal as best you can and see it through to the end to the best of your ability ( it may be a lesson for you or you are a part of someone else’s) or take the steps needed to let it go. If you need help along the way , you’d be surprised the strangers or family members that would help you. Either way – another day, another point of view. 

I see so many people feeling hopeless day to day, but the only thing that is hopeless is not letting change happen due to fear. You’re 40 and dislike your job? There are many other places willing to have someone with dedication, experience and expertise – go for it! 

The only person you’re cheating by not trying- is yourself. If you’re scared to change…you’ll just stay right where you are, complaining about it, wanting a change that won’t be scary – all the best kinds will feel terrifying and out of bounds, but I promise it will never be as hard as your mind builds it to be. Ever.

I wrote this in March 2015, and now it is March 2016 – I took my own advice in my work/business and now I am beginning my own! 🙂 Change is good.


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