Rebirth in life

You’re being reborn. In the past you’ve begun a major transition and transitional times bring uncertainty, stress, and can feel very confusing at times. Am I doing the right things? Fast enough? What if I am wrong and I mess everything up? You’re creating a new you, and it took you this long to become who you are today, so it is going to take some time to grow into your new boots just as it did your current ones.

Be patient and just do what’s necessary to move forward, one step at a time. You’re traveling a road you’ve not ever stepped foot on, and while the end is unclear, why would you want to specify an end and limit your journey? Learn along the way, because the “way” is the adventure as we all are told. 

Trust that the future will be there for you, each step- after all, the future can be as minimal as an hour or as vast as the years to come – but placing all your worry there or behind you serves no good. Take pride in your current steps:) All the decisions along the way shape your future. 

Take the jump like the fool did by taking a chance and embarking on the life he longs for – you may be up in the air right now, but have faith that YOU and your intuition will hold you up. 


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