Death within Life & Life after Death

I’ve been thinking a lot about death due to my father’s passing in February – about alternate worlds and different planes of existence. If you believe in reincarnation, soul mates, past lives and spirit groups, you may find this article appealing – a somewhat interesting theory.

Just to clarify to which I am referring, and my current outlook on each:

Reincarnation: Being reborn on an earth plain in various forms after death to experience all aspects of living and spiritual growth. Pending the time of reflection and processing people seem to undertake after their body passes -Believing that dying in one existence gives you the option to rebirth your energy into a new ‘world’ within this current state or potentially running beside, inside, above or below this one.

It is my experience that you cross the threshold and remember your true self without your human ego.

You get to see what you didn’t ‘get’ from your past soul-goal that was previously planned to learn or overcome that time around – an inability to ‘level up’ to your godliness. Reincarnation would be the multiple earth lives you live to learn them. One way didn’t work for you then another, different life. might wake you up. I have yet to feel or have a theory as to the end goal – potentially there isn’t one and it is just ever evolving – but I guess that might be the big prize at the end of the last tunnel, right?

Ex: Not learning a massive life lesson that was screaming in your face your whole life to overcome it any way you could – and having died carrying that weight – would be something you would seek to clear up or make amends after the fact – due to not having the brain and bodies ego to complicate seeing the ‘clear path’ to overcoming the issue. This would be where so called ‘unfinished business’ would come from. This can be attached to sadness, negativity or living long term with a feeling of incompleteness toward something. This can be very intense and tells a story in itself.

Spirit groups: Groups of spirit that have similar or the same characteristics, soul mates, if you will. I believe you can have several ‘soul mates’ all over. These are not just the romantically dreamed about ‘one’ that’s destined to be your one real love in this life, and most definitely wouldn’t be just your ‘other half’ as you are and never were just a ‘half’.

They can be friends, relatives, lovers, a stranger that you feel compelled to talk to but have never met. That all too familiar ‘I feel like I’ve known you forever’ feeling, or even the relative you just ‘clash with’ for no reason (may even be from another group) but grows your life and mind because of your interactions. Soul mates help you grow and challenge you in any way they have to. It all stems from a similar energetic and vibrational imprint, all living different lives. Some of your soul mates you won’t even ever interact with or they may be ready for you to meet up with in years or another life time.

They will meet with you when both of you are at the right time in life for each other. Everyone you meet builds you for the next chapter – your friends, a new relationship – they help you evolve you.
Some people however, do not listen or notice when life is handing them a lesson to look at from a different perspective – for one reason or another they don’t or can’t listen to their intuition – and seem to remain ‘stuck’ in the same mindsets or thought patterns and seem unable to ‘grow’ . I know from experience that noticing and acting is very difficult, but well worth the effort. The next time that ‘hard lesson’ appears – and it will, you will see it with different experienced eyes and act accordingly.

Your spirit would be able to progress into another life or wait and progress together into a different time the same way they did this time around. The famous Edgar Cayce spent his life documenting past life experiences of people coming to him for advice. He would put himself in a trance, meet his book keeper and read your life stories. He has many, many accounts of families and friends all being in existence together in different times – all playing different roles but carrying traits of each through the years leading up to where they are now, in this life. It is very interesting to read the documentation.

“ …You are a soul having a human experience”


Interesting thoughts

It would be interesting to think that the traits that belong to the group you belong to, when one of you passes away, the parts that were undeniably YOU – your creativity, your bravery, your stubbornness – your energetic, uninhibited by ego parts – those that the person once held in this life all spreads out to the other individuals still incarnated so as to help you grow or work through what they couldn’t.
Energy only evolves… If your grandfather was an amazing artist – you might find a new affinity for something artistic that you never thought you’d love – or if your sister was big on animal rights and high ethics you might find yourself bothered by these things all of a sudden, and wanting to help change them in the world you live in. This would prove overwhelming and stressful initially especially if it was possible to receive any of the unprocessed, unfinished feeling if it was carried over.

What if after death we become a part of or tethered to the other people still incarnated? I think of this as being similar to a guardian angel, spirit guide, or conscious intuition. Their thoughts would be felt, dreamed, heard or sensed in whatever way you were most sensitive to assist you with furthering your knowledge and growth while being able to utilize their now uninhibited life knowledge as well, where you couldn’t when they were alive and fighting their own battles. What if every time you thought of them, talked about them, or vice versa – that little other worldly bell gets ringing, and that’s when you feel them or become overwhelmed by emotion. You can feel that they notice.

Anyone with any sensitivity at all can vouch that by speaking of the dead, telling stories, reading or watching associated documents or movies that you can feel that you are now being noticed as someone who may be interested willing and potentially capable of listening.

Obviously this feeling is amplified emotionally when the transition is recent, and comes in waves of intense thought, tears, confusion and trying to sort it all out in your head. I think they would also feel that way at that time after transition – and seems to become less intense emotionally and more intense intuitively over time when they have let go, revised, and/or re-planned the earthly issues they crossed with. People think if they evolve the feeling from intense mental anguish and depression that they are not grieving enough, or the ‘right way’ or by accepting it they are forgetting. You are, and you don’t have a choice in the matter! We all grieve differently. People say ‘ oh they just think they feel so and so because they want to so badly and it’s their mind comforting them’  – well the truth is someone hoping to sense someone that has passed that strongly probably won’t be able to because you are trying so hard to notice things, and they are usually very, very tiny, synchronistic episodes of “coincidence’.  It is like when hoping for a specific job with all your heart that you do everything in your power to get – that you just don’t see the other options standing right in front of you until you replay your hold on it and be open to everything. Usually then you end up seeing the true reason why that original job was not a good fit and something else was waiting for you to release your mind hold when you learn that the desired job at the time didn’t last or laid off several people a year later.

Many religions and belief systems throughout history believed you were judged, or weighed by various gods or stuck in limbo while ‘sifting’ through the life you just crossed out of – what if it was just against yourself – your ‘life flashing before your eyes’ to sift out the ego and pains of the body you no longer have to worry about? It is easy to think that during this time you may get stuck on one particular situation and be unable to progress.


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