Death talk continued: Seeing into the unknown

Not only do we sense emotions of our own passed relatives, but there are also everyone else’s to think about. Some people don’t seem to ‘sift’ through that earthly dirt so well and hold on to this existence instead of going to the next one…everyone they loved is here and they can’t see why they would want to be elsewhere.  Carrying the fear of the unknown INTO the unknown seems to be a way to hold on to a part of this existence. It’s like a delusional spiritual rut they’ve stopped at for whatever reason. Hold onto that house, that teddy, that car, a staircase or a piano… You can read numerous counts over the years of types of apparitions and ghosts and impressions – continuing to do everything they normally did, perpetually trying to figure out another scenario to fix the problem and bring it back.

What if every time you stood in the kitchen and smelled something odd, like smoke for example, that someone was also standing in the kitchen analyzing a scenario, but in another time or space unable to see anything other than that moment? Or perhaps that they had done whatever they did with such passion in life that their energy continues to leave an impression in that area – an imprint that is now written in the framework of the universe?

What if every time you felt odd in the basement, there was someone carrying out their old tasks down there and you are sensing them? Your ghost stories and TV shows tend to come from these types, most don’t hold on and realize that evolving just lets them help you instead of trying to reach you for help, see past the block.

In my experience, I’ve brought home quite the posse over the years, mostly family and a few others I’ve yet to really meet. Some stay with me always and they actually make me feel safe, instead of panicked like before. I now can see past the ‘scary’ story they sometimes have to show to make you understand the situation they were in, why they are upset, or why they are even coming to us to begin with. Anyone would find these images terrifying and unsettling in some cases. The TV show “Ghost Whisperer” played on this rather well… where the soldier was bloody and wounded and angry at first and then as she listened to him he became less terrifying and more understanding. That was his story, his ‘pictures’ and it is not told or portrayed the same as we tell them here.

Ex: I had been at a funeral home for a service a while back, and I had taken all the energetic precautions I need to in order to not bring home ‘the posse’ like I used to. Unfortunately there was one man that managed to get through and he came back to the house with me. I felt off and a bit ‘creepy’ in my own home, where I usually feel grounded when alone. That night I was sleeping soundly when I was woke up by a thin, tall man wearing a grey button up shirt and blue pants – hair combed to the right and in my mind’s eye he was holding my ankles and looking like he was gasping for air at the end of my bed. He was just showing me part of his story – and the younger me would have spazzed out hard. I tried to ignore him, I have rules about night time bombardment as such, but I couldn’t go back to sleep without visualizing him holding my feet for about 10 minutes.

Then I asked my grandfather (who in previous dreams had told me he was basically my ‘gate keeper’ when being bombarded by someone) to please take the man away – long story short I visualized this the same way and he was gone and the feeling of anxiety along with it.

It was an eye-opening and actually relieving and great experience for me in regard to my grandfather:  I had a reading in Salem Mass in 2013 (which is a whole other article), and he was able to validate without my saying anything that my grandfather, among others, was indeed doing this for me, I just never had experienced it first-hand till this.

I hope to share more of these experiences in the future, they are proving to be rather long winded, but I’m enjoying reliving them as I write it.


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