The Moon

If you have been finding yourself feeling disappointed quite regularly lately, by others or your own high expectations just not panning out as you’ve hoped – rest assured you’re not alone. It will come in its time, it always does – provided you notice and learn and put forth your best effort to achieve, devise and try alternate strategies – or find the strength let go of something toxic. The moon shows us where we have been living with, or in illusions. It shows us the way past them to grow ourselves and a lot of time we fight that because it can be painful to move through those feelings or deeds. A relationship you’re holding on to, a job you’ve been ‘holding out for’ – you may be seeing that your efforts may be in vain now and that you’ve been feeding a comfortable illusion that it is what you really want. Intense wanting for something in particular can make us blind to what we need and won’t allow great change to approach us. 

If you notice and act you would see that there’s so much potential after gathering the courage to endure the initial disappointment of the tower collapsing and exposing the false securities – to be open and rebuild and find what the PRESENT YOU needs to thrive. 

We all hold on to ideals so tightly that life eventually moves past us as we find ourselves longing and stuck for what WAS instead of noticing what IS – and we find comfort there. We all know and can feel intuitively when the moments seem exhausted and there’s no more fight left in us for those situations, though we don’t like to admit it. The present is where you grow and live. Being stuck where it was or feels ‘secure’ – does not make you safe. Eventually it will force you to move. 

Be eccentric, be bold, realize the dream or release that death grip on what you THINK you want and open up to the vast wealth of opportunity that can happen if you can just look around and see it and that goes for all walks of life. This spring season is meant for growing:) Easier said than done, as all great transformations are. 

Darkness in the light, light in darkness, find your balance.


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