Black Water

NOTE: This was a poem I wrote and my mother edited in 2014

Deep into that pool of a heart,
I tried to represent something, other than the dark.
Black water blinds the eyes from their bluer skies
Destiny and faith snuffed out in black flies…

Walking down the path to the minds lake, I revelled in the silence.
Looking above, a white bird and so below, on black, heaping pestilence

Reflections of the moon on the downy wings
I couldn’t help but smile, seemingly blue , winged things.

All trials and tribulations seem overbearing to bare
when you’re lost in chasm of a man made world

Further down the trail I met a man.
Standing by a well, looking down and peering inside,
I see his dog had died…

The look on his face and the feeling of haste
I decided to muddle on…

“wait, what’s your name sir?” he yelled behind me
” my name is gregory” I say
When you walk to the lake, will you say for kinds sake that you wish me good karma and grace?
For I stand here in woe, lost my dog in limbo
and now I’m alone in my life…

Thinking to myself, and remembering the past
I knew I couldn’t say no.

Come with me then sir, I too am alone…
together we will find a better home.

The two walked that summers night path
lit by the moon and stars
” when I get to the lake” I said ” I’ll jump right in”
Black moonlit waters will cleanse me.

Little did I know, when we got to the lake my friend was not behind me…
Out on the water, i then saw his white face
eerily pale as paper before me…

Over the water like a man faded from life
my lone dove punched upon his shoulder…

Stars were his cloak, black water his bed
my mind reeled, this man …was dead.

“I died here, summer ’64, was out with my love that day.
Went out on the boat, I knew I could float forever on this lake.
What I would give to touch a face, feel her love and scoff at her bad tastes.

But alas I can’t be found, black water, mud and leech bound
in this grave I sleep.
Don’t end up like me, don’t get caught in the current, if you think you can’t swim, you can.
If you think you can’t fly, you will.
Just think of me in the deep.”


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