Subconscious watching: 2014 Stream of consciousness

Note: Found this today, still interesting to me and so true.

I want to let you know that I’ve been watching you. Seeing you inside and outside as you live your everyday life. Digging in and out of holes caused by your own discretion. I need you to know that you’re stronger than that. You can do everything in the world you need to, and that’s not just some crock of shit I’m saying to make you believe there’s more to achieving a goal, you really honestly can have it all. Just believe you can.

Do good deeds, feel good. The only hell you create is in your mind. You do something regretful, you’re tortured by regret until you forgive yourself, unbind the mental chains of the everyday nagging and prodding that are cutting your choices.

Heaven is a metaphor for the good in life, when you are at peace with yourself, no repenting, no confessing needed, just correct choices.


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