Love bound: Notes

Encasing the heart within love bound leather
Tying delicate strings with the hands of another

Knowing what it’s like to truly feel that cold
…Living life in the depths of December

Goose bumps and flutter byes,  The heart’s forgot it’s beat.
Landing and loving; living beneath soil under my feet.

Love bound hands willingly return hearts to their proper seat,
Ripping away confusion, worry and deceit

Decisions, lost intuition; perpetual mind isolation
Repeat repeat repeat.

I’ve burnt the ground, banished frivolous existence
Summoned the dark to reveal my light.

The path that supports the heart, beneath these cold feet
Is one where heart and mind need a delicate, focused beat.

Willing the calm I tore apart my life,
Incense winding, carry intentions high with might,

A beautiful dancing funnel, wind notes look like hair.
Carry the wisdom and knowledge of ages back to me in pair.

Black and white feelings, grey matters within
Feeling the deep and breathing clarity in.

The only being who can fix the hearts shelf
Is me – being out of self


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