Life is like an exhale – Each time in your life you find yourself taking a deep breath – this is kin to how many lives you can possibly have. The possibilities are endless during your hyperventilating experience on earth. Some people breath a little to hard or quickly and end up in the grave a bit before their time or get the wind knocked out of you right in the perceived middle.

Most humans don’t utilize their full lung capacity in their lifetime.  Someone else’s short, labored breathing may end up giving you much needed CPR and defibrillate your heart back into a livable rhythm – right when you thought you may flatline. It is literally right around the corner if you let yourself live long enough to let it find you.

The true breath of life can be found in experiences and interactions – and never by holding your breath for the right moments to find you – never within the menial puffs and wheezes that make us dizzy and withdrawn.