Spanked Kissless

* Poem from 2009

Under the archway of madness
Flowers of feeling fill the void

Run down the beaten path
Frozen still – the winter has forgotten life

Feel the casing, tied with ropes
Sinister smile on trees with no hope

Picture the putrid pucker of a red lipstick treat
Choke the secret number of the count to eight.

All goes O’clock, tick does the tocking
Rushing feet, mass defeat, everyone’s lost something.

Dream another’s dreams, kick another’s rocks
Nothing says home sweet home like a loveless loft.

Shovel that fate into your mouth–Gape.
Eat it so you can’t see it
Eat it so you can’t SEE it.

If you can’t see it , you don’t want it
Out of mind, out of sight, out of heart.
You will never get it from me, not again.
I have my security stuffed blatantly in my pocket,
waiting for a midnight snack.