A murder followed you home one day

*older poem 

Cold in the heart, let the cawing start, a murder followed you home one day.

A million invisible souls contrasting the sky, walking alone, you’d thought you died.

Letting those people follow you around, tree to tree – All your little black stars chained and bound.

Mourning dream, tethered to you by your highest hopes, representing only screams. Relentless divine disintegrate, annihilate and do not reciprocate. 

Can’t let go of amazing grace, tomb stoned and out of place. A murder followed you home that day…

Let this heavy heart go away, buried and forgotten by the murder in your sky. Never again should you rest in pieces.

One by one they fell away, you were home and tucked away… till next you leave, your hands be tied, hoping and wishing one more had died.