Going to hell

Today I decided that I would go to ‘hell’. This deep, dark place created by the minds of humans as an impending threat of the afterlife. As if living on this plain is always a piece of cake, and can’t be an overwhelmingly positive or extremely drawn out negative experience.

It isn’t enough to live, learn and try to be your best self day in and day out –  trusting your intuition.  Trusting what you do in life and how it makes you feel and acting accordingly. (be an asshole, feel like an asshole – do good, feel good) Practicing tried and true behavior foundations of past humans, taught through the generations – isn’t enough.

You need to be scared. You need to be petrified of eternal damnation and scared of a god that would create that scenario in order to be decent person. Why? Not capable? Brought up that way? I’ve heard it all, and it’s all bullshit. Unless you’ve got a disorder or malfunction in your human software preventing you from being capable – throw those excuses in the garbage, take charge of yourself and stop backing up your internal hell excuse.

Don’t like what you see? Work on becoming observant – not just to others and what they do – it’s easy to nitpick someone else’s behavior – but to yourself. Most find it exceedingly difficult to recognize things in themselves that they see and dislike in others around them. It is the only way to not do, or change things within yourself that you are noticing in the people that present themselves in your life. These people can stay the same throughout your life or be a stranger on the street.

You are seeing a distorted perspective of yourself if you can sit back and point out flaws in others and not see that you probably do similar, or have in the past, and that’s why you’re able to see it so strongly. If you didn’t, or weren’t capable of similar – you wouldn’t be making a deal of it or having those people in your life as a reflector. They just simply wouldn’t be there, either because you left it behind when you learned the difference or you simply don’t attract it anymore because you don’t hold space for it. Negative attracts more negative, causing more dwelling – always. Good deeds seem to go unnoticed because no one tries to change or bitch about good traits people carry. We only dislike and can’t stand the negatives.

Funny thing though – most of us have an issue with liking ourselves. Perhaps by starting to point out what we enjoy about someone would help us to realize we too have those qualities that are worth building and feeling and praising. It would certainly help to balance out the negatives that seem to take such precedence.

Going back to hell – life is what you make it – sit there and dwell in what people haven’t done, won’t do, won’t see or change – and you’re already in hell. What aren’t you changing in order to notice that no one else is so strongly? What would be the difference if you’re sitting there suffering in your own mind on repeat? “they hurt me…” “they lied to me…” “they cheated on me…” — so? Leave it. “It’s not as simple as that..” yeah – hate to tell you, it is. Where there’s a will there’s a way and no one said large change was easy. That person needs to work on themselves just like you do – learn from their mistake and don’t do the same. They will return to your life if and when their experience changes – people can only act as their experience allows, with what knowledge they have at the time – mental upgrades all around. Don’t expect everyone to come around either, stubborn humans grow like weeds.

Thank them for allowing you to see something outside yourself, and how it felt, to learn to never do it to another human and move on with as best you can with what you currently have to work with.  You’ll get what you need when you need it, I promise, just be open to it.

Create a forgiving heaven on earth (within you because that’s really all you can start with and the rest will follow suit – why are you waiting for your body to die to be happy?

Try as much as possible to die daily to those issues that you can’t change, reverse or correct because they are in someone else’s court. Move to a flow of accepting change as growth and go around those rocks in your way instead of over them or getting stuck on them and carrying around burdens. Deal as it comes.

There are new people and experiences waiting on the shore of that flowing lake. On the other side of those rocks you’re so focused on they are waiting to show you a whole new round of insight. Don’t block them from even meeting you and potentially expanding your life more than you could ever imagine. 🙂