Blindfolded Smile

Decided that I needed a walk
Stumbled down a trail, a mental talk

– The path less traveled –

Glistening rays felt like a thousand songs of pure art
…but not one matching melody to my heart

– It won’t start –

Minutes passed – I thirsted fast
Winding paths too far to turn

– I Yearn –

Beginning to think I’d never learn
I decided to take candy from a stranger

– I didn’t know my spine was on wager –

Further down I met a man
He declared he couldn’t smile

Discarding his complaint, denial
I’ve walked a long way, over that last mile

– What I’d give to find a crooked smile –

Feeling faint, I had asked him to share
Dark gloomy eyes and a terrible stare
Long straggly unkempt hair

– He really wasn’t all quite there… –

Creative juice, his chalice my muse
A gift to be cherished, wild and profuse

My eyes met with his – unfettered doubt faded fast
Sipped secrets of life, from that glass in my grasp

– Inspiration at last –

Upon my mind he laid a trance
As he, my hands and body lanced

I touched my face, I felt his eyes

– My eyes –

Behind my blindfold, smiling