Grounding the ego

The following quote provoked this post:

“ You must wear your marigolds, at the same time as wearing your crown.”

Wearing the rubber gloves of the working human, regularly –  keeps you grounded. Today, everyone is talking about how we are all gods and goddesses and we are all the maker of our own lives through thought and intent – even labeling it things like ‘The Secret’.

I completely agree with this concept, practice it daily, project it to others as genuinely as possible in my daily life and find it a fantastic and useful outlook. However, generally speaking, for some it can eventually lead to an over inflated ego. Ego will try to dominate how we live, see ourselves and how we treat others in comparison.  I’ve witnessed the pushing of intense egotistically driven concepts on other people many times. “Feed me.” they plead. If these types of humans practiced that which is preached – this would not be the case.

That said, believe it or not there can be a very positive side to the ego, I may post about that thought at a later date.

e·go ˈēɡō/ noun

  1. a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance.


    • the part of the mind that mediates between the conscious and the unconscious and is responsible for reality testing and a sense of personal identity.
    • Philosophy: (in metaphysics) a conscious thinking subject..

You can have your crown, you’ve earned it! But be sure to work at maintaining it every day of your life. A good deed done for someone with the purest intent – is cancelled out by treating someone (this includes yourself!) negatively or not respecting the environment which sustains your life.

No matter the path you follow through life, be it unique or shared, dig in the dirt while you’re soaring in the skies. Stay humble.

Dance, sing, create from your being, put as much of yourself into the universe as you can. Doesn’t have to be of a professional caliber, and no one has to see it! Though expansion, growth and encouragement can come from others if you do. Just do what grounds your mind, and brings you to the present.

Crystals, minerals, herbs and many other natural things can assist with this – pour your intent into them – wear, smell or consume them and create some magick in your life. Find your inner potential. If you’ve already found your creativity – it can only grow. People scoff at the use of these things – ‘new age’ they say (but these concepts are not anywhere near new) at the very least a beautiful coloured stone that you admire looking at (a form of colour therapy), an invigorating scent that forces you to focus on it and provokes a feeling – all these things help a wandering mind snap back into the now.

Personally, I try and not recognize any one person as ‘higher’ and I am always practicing being open to accepting new information at all times. We can never know it all, continuous learning for life. No mortal priest or priestess to be regarded in my life as someone of higher status and more importance than someone else – though I know a few people who would argue this. All humans are equal in my eyes and the only difference here is a human ‘status’ and an ‘education level’ – wisdom if you will – and the dedication it took to get to that level of knowledge is admirable and something to strive toward.  From the person who can not see their worth from being blinded by their personal pit – to the very learned and educated master of success – you will receive the same treatment and respect from me.

I  do not wish to carry around an inflated sense of being, nor will I feed anyone else ego if I can help it. Sometimes it has to happen, we are all human. There is a great difference in ‘lifting someone up’ to help them reach potential, and feeding someones ‘fishing for complements’ questions – confident modesty goes a long way. We should be making it a point tell someone when they did a great job or when they have truly helped someone with their experience and knowledge.

Recognition is due for a job well done and time devoted, always. It is up to you how you carry it – righteous or lop-sided, which do you feed more often?

We are all human, and we all ‘fall’, it’s those that recognize themselves, work toward bettering themselves and give of themselves in a reasonable manner – daily genuine practice, living your truth, not secretly doing it for some benefit to themselves that bring home the happy biscuits.

“Each one, teach one”  is a great mindset to adopt – mentor those expressing interest, support and respect all levels of learning,  teach your craft openly to others seeking guidance and be genuine in your practice. This is real community support that excludes the ego.

The responsibility of the learned and successful, is a call to positive action, not an excuse for ego boost. Be a true leader.

Just be sure in giving that you do not give to much, or end up feeding ‘users’ repeatedly with your energy there are boundary lines needed that exercise the practice of personal power. (these should be drawn for most situations but usually have to be learned over time.)

“What you allow will continue”