Painful Thought – Disjointed

*Original written in 2009
A conversation between heart and mind? or conscious and subconscious?

I am your rock.
When you’re alone, when your inner strength reaches its pinnacle
Know that all things strong have a weakness – summon past strengths found for future times when heartbreak is unavoidable.
It helps no one to be solid at all times

I am water.

In your times of weakness, I can help still wash away and flow around the most harmful of problems
you need only listen – remove longing for something more that what’s present, replace it with a clear path to a goal
Build all new things with quality – in quantities – actions speak louder than words
It helps no one to fight the current

I am You.

I can feel your pain, empathize with your ailments. I can see your life unfold daily.
I was there when you learned to walk, your first heartbreak, your first death.
I helped you to remember those moments when you, yourself, could not remember the joy for living, joy is what you are to eternity
It helps no one to forget who you are

I am earth.
When we let others walk over us, throw dirt on our clean slate of mind
When we tear apart our own good intentions, over think and retract our power
We will remember to remain grounded, thoughtful and precise in our direction
It helps no one to disrespect ourselves

We are hell.
When are not together, a vacant mind can shut down
Our own prison is constructed in loving memory of perpetually focusing on flaws
From our rocks, our water, our earth, our hell and you – we can choose to breathe life or set fire with our very thoughts
It helps no one to mentally condemn yourself to hell

We are heaven.
When I am able to hold you up and carry you out of the fire, or when I decide to graciously fall with you
Life can be hard at times and that’s perfectly balanced – you will handle anyway
Never lose sight of the beautiful plains we hold within us, there is always a light if you’re open to seeing the path
It helps no one to shut down heaven

As I am the above
So am I the below

Overwhelmingly, heartbreakingly – human