Fragmented Hearts

First time to see, first time to hear
Sucking your fingers and crying in fear.

Falling to dust, a mindless touch
Endlessly shoveling, exhuming the trust

The more you shovel every heart
The faster you dig – all the more rot and fall apart.

Sometimes the endless struggle to keep on seeing
Is all that feels secure in a life full of dreaming.

Over the shoulder, cast it far from yourself
How could you ever love anybody else.

Shovel it still, cut it down to the tides
losing a leg to gain an eye.

From every womb we feebly emerge
For years endlessly stumbling forward- first to be submerged.

We all enter the world in the same screaming way
Everyone celebrate year after year, that very same day.

Live to forgive, love yourself, relinquish fear
Die to receive, truly live and persevere.

Grow and nurture – worry not the reprieve
We’re all fragile and fragmented – learning to believe.