Magick vs Magic

knifeI always saw other spiritually inclined individuals referring to magic with a ‘K’. I thought they were just being ‘clever’ or ‘different’  – like back in 1999 when spelling vampire with a ‘Y’ was cool.

The difference here is to separate real earthly magick: Initiating change within the vast interwoven web of life, using specific ritual and focused intent – and the magic you find in movies and on stages. (Which for the most part undeniably takes considerable focus and a form of ritual planning in itself – I can’t do it, can you?)

There is a massive difference in setting a very specific, positive intent while conjuring the ability to focus your entire being into giving your thoughts life and affect those invisible strings that make up existence – and making a dove in a cage disappear or the more exaggerated flinging of someone across a room with a pointed finger and a lightening bolt.

If you see me using either/or spelling in certain blog posts, this is what I am referring to and in context to something specific. Not always necessary. To me ‘Magic’ is more visually appealing and usually the context in which it’s used signifies the type of magic.

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