Dream 2014

I was on a bridge that was oddly half photoshopped, the water below was very very rough and churning but half of it wasn’t moving…just blended Into the rapids. 

The bridge I was on was half broken and very high. I remember looking down and seeing how rough it was. There came a moment when it didn’t seem so rough, and I jumped off. 

On the way down I thought my stomach was going to explode and leave my body through my mouth. The feeling was overwhelming – like driving down a big hill, but I let the feeling take over and that’s all I felt on the way down. 

When I hit the water I pictured what other people saw as I did this, then crawled out of the water onto a beach and walked up to a cabin.

The people inside were looking at a picture of the broken bridge and talking about when it fell. I pointed to the highest point and said ” I jumped off that and lived”.