Starting over 

(Referencing the pic) Sadly, so true. Never to old to try something new. You only get comfortable and set in the ways of comfort. 

So many people tell me how they dislike their job, how they wish they had this and that, how they need to change or wished when they were younger they had of done something different …technically that’s giving up and settling if you just complain…complaining without intent for action is useless. 

Nothing is stopping you but how you see your situation and how hard you view it. I was stuck here for a very long time, acted like I had no way out – like I couldn’t even see it.

 There will be obstacles, hardships, no doubt! – and they may make you feel caged or like it is just too. hard or you’re incapable of even beginning to make a step.

With the “I have kids now”, “I’ve been here for years”, ” I don’t have the money”…” I don’t know if I can ever be happy” …”I’m to old to begin again”…mindset, you’re attracting the want, and more people who just want constantly, without action,  as well. 

Change your thoughts and attract people that DO and believe me you will see a crazy difference in a very short time, life will give you and put in your path the things you are ready for and invite. Be open – don’t settle for stagnant, make the decision to have more. There is no time like the present, the present is all we have. Make a decision to own your best life.

There is nothing you can’t have and no one said you had to ever do it by yourself. Many many people are capable of helping you achieve your goal if only you ask.

I’ve had the honour of helping so many people overcome inner issues, build their businesses, start their lives over…I’ve seen it, know it, lived it and helped breathed life into it.

You’ve got this, just take the step,unknowns are scary for everyone but have the potentiometer for great reward! Everything you want is on the other side of fear.

 No one successful ever has all their sucks in a row, they start, fail, learn and practise resilience.  💙 /rant