Second sight

With wild twists of blue, I took the indigo hue and whipped it out of sight
I cast a sacred shroud above circled ground – I painted with blinding light

Watchtowers help turn the tides in favor,
full moon muse illuminating paths through the mire

Nothing but love is stronger than desire.

Rinse off the mud, bury our crumbled towers,
reached out to build a new empire

We stripped down to mirth, caught ashes like fire flies,
poked and taunted life’s suggested guise

Help us to will thoughts into birth.

We had found the entrance to the cauldron’s cave,
witnessed vast plains and all things brave

Casting spells from the heart
adorned and bound with red thread,
passion and strength derived from bones of past dead

Our intuition and thoughts alone
are trusted to finally take us home,
ancestors and present day souls help lead us to our throne

Cutting out past skeletons,
seeping from behind boarded doors,
leaving, loving, learning as the foundation to overcome the ego’s frivolous lies.

I’ll forever trust in second eyes.