Dream 2015 – Alder Goddess

I stood there in front of the Alder Goddess. “ May I see the unseen, m’lady?, may I have the strength to know the secrets people hide?, to help them and give insight?” – She touched my forehead with the palm of her hand and smiled — I felt surrounded by her power, the strength of many. 

The raven, my guide – standing before me upon the green grass – surrounded by my ancestors and deceased relatives in this gorgeous alder clearing – leapt onto my left shoulder – dug out my left eye with its beak and replaced it with his own right eye – forcing its head into my minds eye. 

Together we saw the future, past and present. Together we read the worlds. I said my thanks, and left that alder clearing, m’lady waved to me – my raven and I, backed by the centuries – today I opened that door I’ve had closed for years.