Egyptian Tarot

Feeling inspired by the lord of sacred mysteries, full of passion, tradition and working on gaining experience. 
In order to accomplish our goals, balance had to be or is being restored, a re-establishing of order, acceptance of change and the consequences of our actions move us forward.

The chariot shows victory in breaking down obstacles, he will defeat his enemies and face the future with confidence that he can and is deserving of taking his own reigns. Honourable success is all he will settle for. 

The lovers show a struggle between passion and conscience – overthinking not acting is worse than making the wrong decision, always. Sow the seeds! 

The stars give hope to illuminate our way when our path is unknown – keeping our chins up toward the beautiful night sky with grace and beauty. A reminder that our reactions to action can greatly affect the outcome in any situation. 

The experience and memories we take away from our challenges are based off of our current perspective and reasoning. Sometimes what we think we know – won’t happen the way we think it might from past negative experiences. Be open to possibility. Try to see the positive side in all things and take away a knowledgeable gift rather than creating a lifelong scar.