My Hanged Man -2014

I’ve always wanted to stand on that precipice again. Contemplating my actions – ancient ones guiding my legs

Feeling their windy hands entwined in my hair, ripping out the scared that was there,
Penetrating the brain and infusing the heart with something greater than where previously embarked.

Forthcoming: new knowledge of the pasts uncertainties
Entwining in my present – Showing me my very own beaten path
I’ve called on this earth existence, from the safety of the outer existence
– Choosing for myself to learn this way –

Life starts out hard, given a narrow path by those surrounding
Recognize the negative – You need to learn to undo the damage of the years
Endure and overcome the scars, they aren’t written in the stars – and follow your path again.

This edge symbolizes my previous shortcomings – that I can either take that plunge into the depths to which I see no end.

Or I can create my own cobblestone bridge – go past the cairns of past efforts blocked and visit my long lost friend.

Trust me, because now I do:
Removing the ego self, Picked my heart up off the dusty shelf
and begin to wear it on my sleeve.

Since we’ve met, my path’s turned green with various vibrant leaves
and littered with flowers in bloom.

Since we’ve met, a doors been opened
there’s light instead of gloom.