Beckon the heart

I am weightless – I’ll still be me even if I weighed less. 

An infinitely indescribable description of a very personal and penetrating emotion – diving down deep and lifting life higher than could have ever been realistically reached on my own. 

An unstoppable laughter, an inconceivable tear, ground-breaking and earth-shattering at the same time.

Insecure security and an infallible belief in falling for sensational freedom.

Brain beckoning to the heart to beat, mind growing into the whole – as one being, and simultaneously as two.

Flutter by, butterfly – wiggle in the stomach, flighty sense of fallen sparkle, twinkle in each moment.

The next are followed by more of the same and there is no rest for this feeling – it turns into longing and then keeps right on calling. It never relentlessly fails.

I am happiness.