Behind black eyes

All I’ve ever talked about was the void. The space and time that makes up space and time. 

Deep and dark, sunny and light – disastrously deviant yet professionally polite.  

Not many people choose to see empty space – a place to grow – to fill themselves in with new life.  A cup is not useful unless it possesses the ability to hold liquid. 

They see it as a pit of despair where lost love once stood or a more human time in this linear life ‘before they lost their minds’. 

I talk about it because being stuck in this body, in itself, can feel void. An empty glass to be filled and reused in different ways.

New forms of thinking, resilience, existence – every moment of every day can be used differently, though most of us choose to rinse and repeat – then complain.

The void, the minuscule space between cells, the vast, insane expansion of space outside this orb, the space between moments and happiness and every thought and action – it isn’t empty, it is void of clutter and full on ability. 

It may feel empty if you choose to notice the darkness – but once you notice the space is there, the unchained potential – no-thingness has the capacity to have literally everything within it. 

I guess that’s why they say rock bottom has no other way to go but up…

I’d like to talk about a different sort of ‘void’ – deep into my darkness peering – if you will. Where my thoughts are allowed to stutter and grow, where I don’t know how to control. 

Control is a funny burden. I say this because so many seek it, need it to live. Creating mental emptiness without it. 

When turned inward on the self, the ego is crowned king and it can ruin lives. 

Control can kill. It kills in a silent manor, creating void eyes, vacant hearts and unfocused, scared living.  

I’ve witnessed this in my short life on multiple occasions – occasions where I could do nothing but be a simple bystander in horrible, hard and relentless situations that were beyond my control. It forced me to drop my own ego, and also someone else’s in the process – they too chose to relinquish all controls.

Adaptability to change and resiliency to cope with uncontrolled situations and occurrences in life,in a graceful manor is major. 

Some of us learn to fill our voids with roses and beauty of new experience.

Be that human. Don’t fall into black eyes.