Tarot reading

Six of cups – revenants – restless ghosts that return to complete unfinished business. Witnessed as their last mortal form, ghost animals or apparitions. They seek help to find closure to the life they’ve lived, leaving streams of energy in their wake that we humans can get quite caught up in.

Red roses – a reminder that the their energy is still present even after physical passing.

Lingering memories creep in through the windows and grow like vines in our minds, twisting and growing as far as we will remember back. Remembering the past, good and bad, and carving pictures in the stone walls that depression and grief can build around us.

Try not to dwell on what was – grief is natural, and you need to feel its weight, for if there were no weight, there would have never been an impact on your life. Grief is equal to the impact someone had on our lives. It is good to rekindle and connect with past friends and family – even rebuild bridges – but it is not good to live in that past mindset.

When your mind stays with past memories, it can not create new ones in the now. You can not be open – Remember and cherish what was, but remember everything is a doorway, even death, opens doors.

Better to recall good times and celebrate having the memories, moving forward with happy reminders of what was – rather than mentally reliving the loss that will forever haunt your mind if you let it, there’s no room for celebration there, only hurt, depression, and immobility.

Humans need to learn to live again every time we bare a loss – this is NOT forgetting OR dishonouring, no matter how much it can feel that way – you can not forget when someone touches your heart in this life – you learn to live with the loss and move through the pain to celebrating their life within yours and you’ll carry the memories in HONOUR and growth instead of weight and stagnation along the way.

There will ALWAYS be beautiful reminders along the way. We don’t have a need for unfinished business, feel the transition, move into and through it, and you will come out on the other side in peace. All you can ever do is your best with what you have.