Internal oracle

Each decision you make reflects how you think, and allows you to see in that light. The laws of attraction challenge the structure of our mind, which in turn changes our lives – or we remain the same and see the same.

What you are is what you attract, and it will help to see and heal pieces of you. “Bad things happen to good people” because even beautiful, kind and generous people sometimes harbour terrible mindsets toward themselves, or need to learn some hard lessons that can’t yell at them any harder, or any other way, and sometimes it is mind numbingly unfortunate – but can be used to help others in the future not have to endure the same fate. We all have our share of pain, it’s what we do with the new knowledge afterwards that makes it worth having had to endure it. Don’t make it be for nothing, make it count for something better than it was.

Some of the most kind people I know are so internally hard on and hating themselves, and you need balance. What takes years to create, can take years to break. Talking and getting someone else’s outlook on your situation can massively assist. We tend to dwell and think no one could possibly understand, but they can. Try and stop judging yourself so harshly, to give yourself realistic expectation. You are only human.

Don’t run from your dark passenger – learn to work with it as best you can and they will get a little lighter. I know I feel better after I fall alllll the way back down and was forced to stop running from something I didn’t want to label ‘me’. Pretended my past was a different person for years. Don’t marry it.

Honour all parts of your story (the passenger is present for a reason) with as much love as you can in the moment. Be to yourself, what you try to be to others, and you’ll bring back more of the same in time.

Don’t fuss on how the arrow will find its target – let it sail past whatever events it needs to get to the bullseye, just know it will, even if it takes time – because you know what you’re doing.

Law of detachment says we send the intent, but detach from the how, when and why, and accept everything openly, only as it shows up, then deal with our experience (as stated above) you actually never know what will turn into that target. I have many stories of hoping too hard for one outcome and then letting go and finding it elsewhere, in a completely different path.

Meeting someone random 4 years ago and having them play a major career role in the now. That bridge was made and maintained for years until it came to fruition.

Make sure the motives behind reaching the goal are solid and fulfilling – and not just ego driven. Life is not actually a competition, what is for you, will not pass you. Everyone who’s open to it and works hard, bypassing the tempting ‘get it nows’ can have their time.

Effort. If all you want is to ‘one up’ or take from someone else – you need a new set of arrows and a new target.

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