My Hanged Man -2014

I’ve always wanted to stand on that precipice again. Contemplating my actions – ancient ones guiding my legs Feeling their windy hands entwined in my hair, ripping out the scared that was there, Penetrating the brain and infusing the heart with something greater than where previously embarked. Forthcoming: new knowledge of the pasts uncertainties Entwining in…… Continue reading My Hanged Man -2014

Love bound -2016

Encasing the heart within love bound leather Tying delicate strings with the hands of another Knowing what it’s like to truly feel that cold…Living life in the depths of December Goose bumps and flutter byes, the heart’s forgot it’s beat Landing and loving; living beneath soil under my feet Love bound hands willingly return hearts…… Continue reading Love bound -2016

Dream 2015 – Alder Goddess

I stood there in front of the Alder Goddess. “ May I see the unseen, m’lady?, may I have the strength to know the secrets people hide?, to help them and give insight?” – She touched my forehead with the palm of her hand and smiled — I felt surrounded by her power, the strength…… Continue reading Dream 2015 – Alder Goddess