Visualizing, Dreams and Sleep Paralysis

Start with the basics: Over the years of being on this earth I’ve been privy to quite a bit of the fantastical and other-worldly vibes that float around our existence. They go unseen by so many, floating in waves of energy around and inside everything that exists. Hanging, mixing, swirling and breathing energy lines (similar…… Continue reading Visualizing, Dreams and Sleep Paralysis

The origin of ‘I’

In this growing world where spiritualism, mysticism, ghosts and witches are steadily growing in popularity (it was always there, just being re-discovered in a new light) – you can’t open Facebook without someone showing you a Tarot card or sharing a moon phase meme. I include myself in the mix, but it’s been a major…… Continue reading The origin of ‘I’

The Sun

Reminder that all your hard work and any kind acts, small or large, are always rewarded. Karma is both negative and positive, though most use it in negative context as a description of some sort of other worldly ‘revenge’, which isn’t the case. They may not be rewarded with vast gifts, right away, or with…… Continue reading The Sun