Death talk continued: Seeing into the unknown

Not only do we sense emotions of our own passed relatives, but there are also everyone else’s to think about. Some people don’t seem to ‘sift’ through that earthly dirt so well and hold on to this existence instead of going to the next one…everyone they loved is here and they can’t see why they…… Continue reading Death talk continued: Seeing into the unknown

Death within Life & Life after Death

I’ve been thinking a lot about death due to my father’s passing in February – about alternate worlds and different planes of existence. If you believe in reincarnation, soul mates, past lives and spirit groups, you may find this article appealing – a somewhat interesting theory. Just to clarify to which I am referring, and…… Continue reading Death within Life & Life after Death

Visualizing, Dreams and Sleep Paralysis

Start with the basics: Over the years of being on this earth I’ve been privy to quite a bit of the fantastical and other-worldly vibes that float around our existence. They go unseen by so many, floating in waves of energy around and inside everything that exists. Hanging, mixing, swirling and breathing energy lines (similar…… Continue reading Visualizing, Dreams and Sleep Paralysis