Silent passenger – release

beware, depressing release—–Some days are like walking around blank looking for something that will spark the mind alive again, a mental, neutral, zombie. Carrying an increasingly heavy bag of very important rocks, and if even one pebble drops – one insignificant stone


Coma Linda

She stood there, half dressed in moonlight and half shrouded in shadow haze. Relentlessly staring at my bed, at me, and my endless night. Never moving, just the jittery, slow pulse of moving energy – in and out of my stifled, restricted sight. If I looked away for even a second, part of her being…… Continue reading Coma Linda

Inside meridian

I am a medium – straddling the threshold between this realm and then next – One foot in the sacred circle, the other, firm, in desolate black jet. Overlapping the mirrors boundary – conjuring forth worlds of fantasy and jest – The ethereal body inhabits vast obscurity, subspace of timeless death. A human dressed guard…… Continue reading Inside meridian