Dream 2015 – Alder Goddess

I stood there in front of the Alder Goddess. “ May I see the unseen, m’lady?, may I have the strength to know the secrets people hide?, to help them and give insight?” – She touched my forehead with the palm of her hand and smiled — I felt surrounded by her power, the strength…… Continue reading Dream 2015 – Alder Goddess


Laying down in the darkness on a patterned bedspread, staring at the shadow-scaped ceiling.  Visions of leafless trees dancing back and forth in front of the street lit pane, projecting across my ceiling like ghostly fingers stretched across walls – reaching out to a child’s imaginative mind. Shadows swaying inside the dramatic rhythmic pull of…… Continue reading Screech 

Sharing my work

Hi everyone!, I just wanted to shamelessly plug some of my other work on my blog for all that are interested. I appreciate all the new followers of my blog, thank you for reading! I have some pretty creative blog posts coming up so stay tuned:) Dark Advertising, FX Makeup and Body Painting: http://www.medictairie.com/ Graphic…… Continue reading Sharing my work

Nightmares By The Sea

Standing with my feet planted firmly in the sand, I watched with emerald eyes, the ebb and flow of the sea before me. The salty wind ripping wildly at my tattered, pink and white floral sundress. Unruly chestnut hair tossing violently – whipping and sticking to my tear soaked cheeks. I feel nothing. Summers night’s…… Continue reading Nightmares By The Sea