Tarot reading

Six of cups – revenants – restless ghosts that return to complete unfinished business. Witnessed as their last mortal form, ghost animals or apparitions. They seek help to find closure to the life they’ve lived, leaving streams of energy in their wake that we humans can get quite caught up in. Red roses – a…… Continue reading Tarot reading

Beckon the heart

I am weightless – I’ll still be me even if I weighed less.  An infinitely indescribable description of a very personal and penetrating emotion – diving down deep and lifting life higher than could have ever been realistically reached on my own.  An unstoppable laughter, an inconceivable tear, ground-breaking and earth-shattering at the same time.…… Continue reading Beckon the heart

My Hanged Man -2014

I’ve always wanted to stand on that precipice again. Contemplating my actions – ancient ones guiding my legs Feeling their windy hands entwined in my hair, ripping out the scared that was there, Penetrating the brain and infusing the heart with something greater than where previously embarked. Forthcoming: new knowledge of the pasts uncertainties Entwining in…… Continue reading My Hanged Man -2014