Inside meridian

I am a medium – straddling the threshold between this realm and then next – One foot in the sacred circle, the other, firm, in desolate black jet. Overlapping the mirrors boundary – conjuring forth worlds of fantasy and jest – The ethereal body inhabits vast obscurity, subspace of timeless death. A human dressed guard…… Continue reading Inside meridian


Wanie loves tarot.🌹 The feeling of failure can be a heavy sword to take to the back – especially if it’s regarding finances. There is celebration to be had when all is said and done and we can realize we’ve avoided over all destruction – we ARE ok after hardships – we may have lost…… Continue reading Dragons

Tarot reading

Six of cups – revenants – restless ghosts that return to complete unfinished business. Witnessed as their last mortal form, ghost animals or apparitions. They seek help to find closure to the life they’ve lived, leaving streams of energy in their wake that we humans can get quite caught up in. Red roses – a…… Continue reading Tarot reading