Inner children

Well this was interesting seeing as this is all I’ve been trying to deal with for the past Year. 😅 The top 3 fell out during shuffle and the bottom was chosen at random. Hand in hand I say. 🌹🌜 Lapis lazuli -Crown, third eye. Understanding the past to bring healing into the present -…… Continue reading Inner children

Silent passenger – release

beware, depressing release—–Some days are like walking around blank looking for something that will spark the mind alive again, a mental, neutral, zombie. Carrying an increasingly heavy bag of very important rocks, and if even one pebble drops – one insignificant stone

Inside meridian

I am a medium – straddling the threshold between this realm and then next – One foot in the sacred circle, the other, firm, in desolate black jet. Overlapping the mirrors boundary – conjuring forth worlds of fantasy and jest – The ethereal body inhabits vast obscurity, subspace of timeless death. A human dressed guard…… Continue reading Inside meridian