I never use this deck. I always feel like I don’t associate well with its imagery most of the time. Today I decided it was a Necronomicon day. – Over all we feel like we’re carrying a collection of wands, we’ve fought for every one of them physically or emotionally. Responsibility can be heavy, but…… Continue reading Overseer

The Hermit

Felt I needed to pull some cards from a deck I rarely use today. I guess I needed to hear this, and I’m sure someone else needs it too♥️ for people perpetually ‘sped up’, slowing down can seem like crawling and going nowhere fast. 🍁 Sometimes you need to keep to yourself. Read, gain knowedge,…… Continue reading The Hermit

I’m in a video!

Featured by Bus Twenty Studios Check it out below!:D Instagram: @theartofmedictairie Facebook: @medictairie.art ONLINE STORE: http://www.medictairie.com Check out Bus Twenty! Instagram: @BusTwentyStudios Facebook:@BusTwentyStudios https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GeIOTsYPuZQ&feature=youtu.be

Dream 2015 – Alder Goddess

I stood there in front of the Alder Goddess. “ May I see the unseen, m’lady?, may I have the strength to know the secrets people hide?, to help them and give insight?” – She touched my forehead with the palm of her hand and smiled — I felt surrounded by her power, the strength…… Continue reading Dream 2015 – Alder Goddess